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Events - Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
Forthcoming events in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.
Events - Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
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  • Game Spot Reviews: H1Z1 Battle Royale PS4 Review: All Kills No Frills

    Battle royale games have established themselves as more than just a fad, and as the space becomes more crowded, games strive to carve out their niche. With the console port of H1Z1, focusing on simplicity and streamlined mechanics is how it stakes its claim. Significant changes were made to H1Z1's original formula on PC to get you moving and encourage more action, which is further supported by intuitive controls. Where H1Z1's lacking is in variety, due in large part to an uninspired map that's missing interesting setpieces for its most intense firefights. But if the thrill of besting 100+ other players is what you seek, H1Z1 delivers just that.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: F1 2018 Review In Progress

    Despite the cars being the quickest they’ve ever been in the sport’s history, Formula One in 2018 is about much more than pure speed. Impressively, the technical nature of driving the fastest, most advanced cars on the planet is something Codemasters goes to great lengths to portray in F1 2018, and the experience is all the better for it. Behind the wheel, an updated, more intricate tire model and the new Energy Recovery System controls push the game closer to a realistic simulation than the series has ever been before. This shift complements some smart changes to career mode around upgrades and media interaction that expand and broaden the game's appeal beyond a single season.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: The Walking Dead - The Final Season Episode 1: Done Running Review

    Editor's note: The review contains spoilers for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Throughout Telltale's The Walking Dead, we have seen what living in a zombified hellscape can do to people. The one perpetual ray of hope was in Clementine, the little girl whose soul you've been trying to protect since the first hour of the first season, and the character you control in Telltale's latest chapter. She was one of the depressingly few children left, now forced to grow up in a hostile world of zombies, desperate survivors, treacherous backcountry, deathtrap cities, and, above all, rampant, indiscriminate, ignoble death.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Phantom Doctrine Review: Tactical Espionage Action

    It's 1983. The Cold War is underway and there's a global conspiracy being perpetrated by a mysterious organization called Beholder. Fighting against Beholder are you and your rival organization, The Cabal. In Phantom Doctrine, you have the choice of playing as either an American CIA or a Russian KGB agent in charge of their own group of spies, but regardless of your alliance, every move you make needs to be carefully considered or there will be world-ending consequences. This feeling of high stakes strategic decision-making and a constant sense of urgency will become second nature as you progress through this engrossing campaign.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Flipping Death Review: The Scythe Life

    Despite its focus on death and the afterlife, Flipping Death is a charming and wholesome adventure. Its zany and often eccentric characters bring the well-paced story to life with fantastic voice acting and a gorgeous 2D art style. Despite some frustrating platforming elements, its campy humor and satisfying puzzle mechanics make it a delightful journey throughout.

    Flipping Death puts you in the shoes of the recently departed Penny, a young girl who is accidentally thrown into the job of covering for Death. The role turns out to be rather elaborate, and you’re quickly tasked with helping ghosts resolve their unfinished business. In addition, you’ll have to help the wonderfully sassy Penny attempt to figure out how to return to the world of the living.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: We Happy Few Review - Joyless

    Just like the forcibly stretched grins of its inhabitants, the joy found in We Happy Few is a facade. The game's fascinating setting of a drug-fueled society wasting away in fake happiness is squandered on repetitive environments, poorly paced and downright boring quest designs, and a variety of confusing mechanics that never find harmony with each other. Its three individual tales of survival manage to deliver some surprisingly poignant moments, but We Happy Few does its best to dissuade you from wanting to play long enough to see them through.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Unavowed Review: Dressed To Possess

    Unavowed sounds straightforward on paper. It's a classic-style point-and-click game about demonic possession set in New York City with people to talk to, and puzzles to solve. However, as you get to know its characters and fall further into its mystery, it becomes increasingly clear that Unavowed is much more than it appears: it's a brilliantly written adventure that makes you care deeply about its inhabitants and subverts your expectations.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Monster Hunter World Review - Deadliest Catch

    While some fans of the series were disappointed when Monster Hunter XX came to the Switch as a Japan-only exclusive, the good news is that we don't have to suffer in region-imposed torture any longer. The latest big fish in the franchise's pond, Monster Hunter World, is finally here, and it blows the previous western releases out of the water.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Overcooked 2 Review - A Great Second Course

    Following 2016's co-op cooking hit, Overcooked 2 introduces a fresh set of kitchens and recipes to conquer. Like in the first game, simple controls and a cute, cartoony style lend levity to intense dinner rushes where one mistake can lead to culinary disaster. The fun and chaos of playing with friends is preserved in the sequel, as is the far less exciting reality of playing solo. And while the added online play can't compare to in-person antics, the new throwing mechanic and a host of ridiculous kitchen layouts make for a delightfully frenetic follow-up to a couch co-op favorite.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Dead Cells Review: Rise From Your Grave

    Tucked away in a long-forgotten prison lies a corpse. From time to time, a sticky mass of green goo slips into the cell and gives the body a burst of life. Stomping forward, the armored mass of carrion charges through zombies and hordes of undead on a vain quest to find the way out. Fans of Dark Souls will notice… more than a few similarities, for sure, but this particular outing isn't what it appears to be.

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Future 60
  • Brexit is still a mess. ANOTHER REFERENDUM PLEASE

    The EU and Government cant get it together. The people need to act again. They now have better information.

    We are all beginning to realize we voted for something that cant work. Nobody can make their minds up.

    Its costing the country millions in loss trade research and development. The government are in turmoil

    The EU are doing their best to block brexit. The government cant agree what they want. It is an impossible task.

    Lets get rid of all this mess and confusion. Have another referendum NOT an election.

    The choice is do you want to stay in.
    or Exit with probably a harder brexit.

    We will then have a better direction from the people. If we decide to stay in All is saved no discussions.
    If we decide again to leave a harder exit is the probable answer.
    Either way we can then improve the country with the peoples confirmed choice.
    If we have to stay in we can then use our power to change the European Union to our advantage and use the changing policies in the EU or even bend the rules like other members do..


  • Does online social Media such as Facebook need controlling

    It is time we all realized we are wasting our time and life using social media.

    Some people do not have the understanding of it and what it is doing to them.

    Children should be banned from using it until at least aged 18. Most children cant handle it and are getting abused using it.

    It is becoming a platform for criminals.

    You have been warned and the government needs to take action.

  • People’s Vote campaign

    PRESS RELEASE Home News Launch of the new national People’s Vote campaign
    Post published: April 15, 2018
    After the biggest ever Day of Action by anti-Brexit campaigners on Saturday, with over 300 events across the country, today [Sunday] sees the national launch of the campaign for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.

    The campaign will launch with a rally tomorrow afternoon in London in front of an audience of over 1,000 people. The crowd will hear from leading MPs from across the party divide – Anna Soubry, Chuka Umunna, Layla Moran and Caroline Lucas – about why they think it should be for the people, rather than politicians to decide.

    In addition, there will be speeches from other notable public figures, including the acting legend, Sir Patrick Stewart; world-renowned economist, Professor Mariana Mazzucato; ground-breaking entrepreneur, Richard Reed; and world-leading neurologist, Professor Malcolm Macleod. Young people, who have the most at stake in the Brexit debate, will be well represented with contributions by the Vice President of NUS, Amatey Doku; and OFOC youth campaigners, Femi Oluwole and Lara Spirit. The whole show will be compered by the award-winning comedian Andy Parsons.

    The People’s Vote campaign, with a new website (, brings together nine grassroots campaigning organisations that have the support of a million people across the country, which have for the first time united behind a single overarching campaign.

    The People’s Vote campaign will today [Sunday] also be launching a new poster campaign, designed by some of the leading advertising creatives in the country, who have given their assistance voluntarily. The posters will be unveiled at the rally and on an ad van that will tour central London. Activists attending the rally will also be given t-shirts featuring one the campaign’s key messages – that the final deal is ‘too big to ignore’.

    Layla Moran MP, a leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, is expected to say:

    “Yesterday, saw thousands of activists hand out half a million leaflets demanding a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal at over 300 events in every region and nation of the UK, in an unprecedented display of the grassroots power of the country’s anti-Brexit campaigning organisations.

    “It may seem like the odds are stacked against us as a movement, but fighting for what you believe in is never easy.

    “We are short on time, but we have people power on our side. Together, are on the verge of something extraordinary.”

    Caroline Lucas MP, a leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, is expected to say:

    “We will be making the case in Parliament, but this is too big and too important to be determined solely by politicians.

    “So, it's up to you. If the public demand a People's Vote, politicians will fall in line.”

    Commenting, James McGrory, Executive Director of Open Britain, which is supporting the People’s Vote campaign, said:

    “Whether you think the Government will negotiate a good deal or bad deal, Brexit is definitely a big deal.

    “Brexit is not inevitable. What the Government comes back with, not what was promised in the referendum, will be the real deal. It should not be a done deal.

    “Brexit will affect everybody in the country, which is why it should not be left to 650 politicians to decide our future but 65 million people. That is why so many are demanding a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.”

    Commenting, Tom Brufatto, Chair of Britain for Europe, which is supporting the People’s Vote campaign, said:

    “The People’s Vote campaign is clear. The terms of Brexit should not be stitched up behind closed doors by politicians and foisted on the country. The people must have a say, and that means a People’s Vote.

    “In every part of the UK, we will be hitting the streets in the coming weeks and months to drive home the message that a People’s Vote is the only fair and workable way of deciding whether our country should accept the final deal.”

    The People’s Vote campaign is backed by nine anti-Brexit groups, eight of which now operate out of a shared working space in London’s Millbank Tower: Open Britain, European Movement UK, Britain for Europe, Scientists for EU, Healthier IN, InFacts, Our Future Our Choice (OFOC), For our Future’s Sake (FFS), along with Wales for Europe.

  • Brexit-We have no chance in sorting this out

    The government and the country is clearly split on Brexit.
    We are therefore struggling to sort out an agreement with The EU..
    This will not be good for The UK or The EU.
    So where do we go. The financial data appears to show. If we leave there is not much to gain.
    Plus it is a very complicated to leave and we will never agree with the Irish borders and trade.
    When we voted in the referendum.We were not aware of the delays and problems that would happen.
    So far we have harmed the economy just talking about it.
    I know it is difficult to accept. We should never have had a referendum especially the way it was run.No info about the outcome.
    No preparation if we voted out.
    We have to correct this now.
    If we come out of the EU without agreeing it will be disaster.
    We have to reconsider our vote in the referendum. This means voting again to stay in or out. We have more knowledge now.
    It will hopefully be clearer then what direction we take. When its done. We all accept that as the way forward.

  • Second Referendum is our only hope

    The Election failed to show us any way forward.We are now in a worse situation.
    We have to reconsider our situation and ask the public to reconsider their situation NOW before we negotiate with the EU
    We need to have another referendum.
    We also need to state on the voting document
    If we vote out it will make us poorer.
    If we vote in our economy will be better

  • Brexit is still not looking well

    The government seem to be doing what governments are good at. Do every thing the population do not want.
    Most people probably voted out because the EU would not listen and would not put some control over immigration. I say control I do not mean preventing or creating state registers.
    I agree Human rights also made it difficult for governments to have some control ie to prevent the wrong people getting into a country. How far do we want to control. We will never be able to control everyone and why would we want to.


    Most of the cameras installed in UK government sites appear to be made in China.
    Its time the orders were given to a company that is UK based.
    Hinkley Point Power Station the other issue- Will it ever get built maybe The Government takes that view.
    We will see how we get on with the high powered batteries concept that is built into houses to store wind and solar energy.

  • The UK Now

    Our main focus should be to deal with Brexit
    The panic is over and we appear to have calmed down. Everything is geared to EU finance or put it another way our finance that goes to the EU.
    We need to re structure all this so it works for us.
    We appear to be floating on air and need some solid policies to show we are taking the break with EU.
    The meeting of the Mayor of Paris and The Mayor of London was a good start.Most countries have Mayors and it needs to be used to link in with these countries.

  • Need some ACTION

    We are slowing the momentum of Brexit and its creating uncertain times for us and Europe.
    We now need to restore the economy before it dives.
    Reduce VAT to 15%
    Scrap NEW Stamp Duty Increases and Buy to Let extra Stamp Duty Charges.
    Start a National Council House Building Project.
    Offer building and development grants to industry and business.
    Offer EXPORT Incentives and enable Private or Public Companies to promote their products through Embassy networks
    Reduce Capital Gains Tax to 10%

  • Are things looking good

    Sounds like property prices are moving up again after Brexit and Osborne’s war on Buy to Lets.,
    We might be able to keep the Chinese out of our Nuclear Power stations ie with the failure in France similar production the American Problem and the Australian Problem.
    Brexit seems to be going into the slow lane.Not good if we want to develop our overseas trade. We need that overseas trade now. Why wait to develop trade contracts we are leaving anyway.

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