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Events - Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
Forthcoming events in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.
Events - Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
  • Manage Your Weight: Men's matters
    Men's Matters in partnership with the workers Educational Association(WEA)is offering a FREE TO ATTEND course on how to manage your weight, AIMED AT OLDER MEN in the Windsor area. The course will take place at :THE NEW WINDSOR COMMUNITY CENTRE, Hanover Way, Dedworth, Windsor. SL4 5NW on THURSDAY 16th MARCH, THURSDAY 23rd MARCH, THURSDAY 30th MARCH. This 3 session course will cover the practicalities of weight management without calorie counting or exercise numbering. Each participant will come away with their own plan to managing their weight. Please email: for more information.
  • Deaf Friendly Football
    A tailormade football session for people with hearing impairments and other disabilities. Run by the FA - who will provide coaches - the sessions are supported by SportsAble, Berks & Bucks Football Association and Deaf Positives Action. Attendance to the full course comes with a free membership to SportsAble, which gives sports fans access to ten other activities plus a full and happy social life.
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  • So we are on way way out of The European Union

    The option to Vote has now driven us out of The Union.

    We now have to take the advantage and not carry on blaming ourselves or others.It was a shock the way it went BUT GET OVER IT.

    The European Union is an organisation that tries to represent Europe.
    It is now nervous that a country has dared to take control of themselves.

    It will not be easy to deal with them because they want us to fail.
    We will not fail and maybe others will split away.That is their biggest fear.

    Northern Ireland now needs to be used as a trade Area to negotiate with Europeans direct.Taking advantage of its doorstep location with Southern Ireland. The UK needs to lower corporation rates to be the same as Ireland.This will be an advantage for all business.

    We need to create a small coordinating and marketing organisation and use CBI and Group Trading organisations to promote Great Britain.The commonwealth needs to be a bigger part of our trade. Our main objective must be to trade globally.
    The social legislation and general laws need to be rewritten and but back into British Law. Maybe a 5 year project.There is going to be lots to sort. In the meantime we can still use Modified European Law and call it that.

    For Info
    The European Union is a politico-economic union of 28 member states. It has an area of 4,324,782 km², and an estimated population of over 508 million, and operates through a hybrid system of supranational ... Wikipedia
    Area: 4.325 million km²
    Founded: November 1, 1993, Maastricht, Netherlands
    Headquarters: City of Brussels, Belgium
    Unemployment rate: 9.6% (Apr 2015) Eurostat
    Government debt: 87.4% of GDP (2013) Eurostat
    Largest city: London
    Founders: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Netherlands, Germany


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  • My Beauty Magazine

    My Beauty Magazine for news and info on beauty products

  • Lonn

    News and information. Regional and National News.


  • Fashion

    fashion information and news


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    Town Magazines for information on local events and business


  • Marlow Magazine

    Marlow magazine for business in Marlow Bucks

  • Clifton Lodge Hotel High Wycombe Bucks
    Clifton Lodge hotel High Wycombe

    A privately owned hotel near West Wycombe Bucks.

    210 West Wycombe Road
    High Wycombe
    HP12 3AR

    01494 440095

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  • James Ward known as Mark James T/A as Car Care Automotive Great Yarmouth Guilty of Handling Stolen Car Parts

    James Ward known as Mark James was found guilty last week for handling stolen car parts from his business called Car Care Automotive. Unit 6 Suffolk Rd Great Yarmouth.. Phone number 01493 717767
    A Subaru Impreza was stolen from High Wycombe, an area where Ward lived at the time of the theft. The car was broken up for parts by Ward. He has also set up a new business that deals with Subaru’s. The business is in Great Yarmouth, Car Care Automotive. Unit 6 Suffolk Rd. Phone number 01493 717767.
    Thames Valley Police raided Car Care Automotive on the 24/2/15 and found a few parts left from the stolen Subaru. Ward was bailed until April. On the 20/4/15 Thames Valley Police charged Ward with handling and selling stolen goods. Ward has even put parts from the stolen car onto other cars.
    On the 6/5/15 Ward pleaded guilty to breaking the Subaru, knowing it was stolen and selling it for parts.
    Anyone with a Subaru are advised to be careful dealing with the business known as Car Care Automotive at Great Yarmouth. The Court Order was made against James Mark Ward at High Wycombe Court. The Case number is 431500197216/1 6th May 2015. This article is printed in good faith from verified data and is in the interest of public awareness.The business Care Care Automotive at Yarmouth
    should not be confused with any other business with a similar name.

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  • Games Spot Reviews: Persona 5 Review

    Persona 5 is a game overflowing with style. From bold black and red menus that leap off the screen to the pop-and-lock of scene transitions that carry the player from one colorful corner of Tokyo to the next, it's a game about youthful exuberance and the power that lies within it. But its beauty isn't just skin deep.

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  • Games Spot Reviews: Everything Review

    Imagine taking a philosophy class where a brilliant, engaging, charismatic professor opens your mind and helps you see the world like you never have before who also pauses every few minutes to play a Frank Zappa album. That should give you a rough idea of what it's like to play Everything. It's a game that manages to convey profound beauty and a sense of one's place in the universe that's periodically undercut by a compulsive need to interject a sense of twee and abstract randomness. It's hard to tell how seriously you're supposed to take it all.

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  • Games Spot Reviews: Malicious Fallen Review

    Malicious Fallen may not be developed by Platinum Games, but it sure does look the part. This may have something to do with the fact that developer Alvion supported Platinum Games during the development of such titles as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Bayonetta 2, and Anarchy Reigns to name a few.

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  • Games Spot Reviews: Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

    After the first few hours of Mass Effect: Andromeda, I was discouraged--maybe even a little distraught. Within that short span of time, I'd already encountered unconvincing animations, bog standard missions, clunky user interface, stilted dialogue--basically every red flag you hope to avoid when approaching a lengthy shooter-RPG powered equally by action and story.

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  • Games Spot Reviews: Shovel Knight: Specter Of Torment Review

    Shovel Knight is defined by its likeness to games from the era of 8-bit consoles. It takes inspiration from games like Mega Man and Ducktales not only in its pixel- and pitch-perfect audiovisual aesthetic, but also in its mechanics--Shovel Knight is a resolutely unforgiving 2D platformer.

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  • Games Spot Reviews: Styx: Shards Of Darkness Review

    As you sit atop a wooden beam observing patrol patterns, you plot a series of moves: fire a bolt at the overseeing guard right when another walks into your acid trap, swoop in to snatch the loot and run off before anyone else notices. If it doesn’t go according to plan, you’ll cloak, hide in a closet, and slip out as the investigating party turns its backs to your exit. Styx: Shards of Darkness attempts to deliver such thrills, and at times it succeeds. However, these moments are sparse since you’re rarely put in a position where cunning is required.

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  • Games Spot Reviews: Fast RMX Review

    Since both Nintendo and Sony seem intent on not continuing their line of revered hovercraft racers (F-Zero and WipeOut), it’s good to know other developers are happy to pick up the slack. Witness Fast RMX, a digital-only launch title for the Switch, that fills this niche nicely. Astute racings fans may recognize this as the semi-sequel to the excellent if boringly named Wii U racer, Fast Racing Neo (itself the sequel to the Wii game, Fast Racing).

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  • Games Spot Reviews: Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review

    Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a squad based Tom Clancy game that plays by the numbers. It stays true to the series' Rainbow Six-inspired roots, emulating the cold and calculated nature of organized infiltration and coordinated stealth kills. Whether you're syncing shots with friends or an AI companion, there's gratification in taking down targets efficiently. Unfortunately, the adherence to this specific kind of gameplay gets lost and diluted in Wildlands’ vast expanse of Bolivia.

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  • Games Spot Reviews: Snipperclips Review

    As a Switch launch title, Snipperclips does little to sell the unique features of Nintendo's new console. Playing the game on the go isn't ideal, since the Switch's small screen and the bumpy nature of playing it in cars (or buses, trains, or planes) derails some of the accuracy needed to complete its puzzles. The game also doesn’t make use of the Joy-Cons' advanced haptic capabilities, meaning there's no real benefit to playing with the minuscule controllers--even though you're forced to do so.

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  • Games Spot Reviews: Torment: Tides of Numenera Review

    Dungeons & Dragons has a long, storied history in gaming. The classic pen and paper game has had several successful digital counterparts,and its approach to role playing has influenced and been repackaged as everything from Final Fantasy to Skyrim. If you’re only familiar with modern role-playing games, you could be forgiven for assuming that they’re all about crafting and loot, leveling and growing stronger. In truth, D&D’s many progeny have simply sidestepped what makes role-playing games one of the most powerful, affecting genres.

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  • Amersham News Views and Information News Feed: Scrub up for Scannappeal – fun run – Sunday 21 May

    Scrub up for Scannappeal

    Scannappeal, a charity dedicated to providing state of the art medical equipment, has launched the Scrub Run at the Cardiology Department of Wycombe Hospital setting the scene for the inaugural family fun run for local charity. The run is taking place on Sunday 21 May and plans to see all manner of doctor’s coats, nurse’s uniforms and scrubs take on the challenge.


    Participants can choose a 5k or 1k route, both of which start and finish at Amersham Cricket Club and will take in the beautiful Great Missenden Way and Shardeloes. Those taking part are welcome to run, jog or walk, and don your favourite doctors and nurses’ outfit in homage to the incredible work our doctors and nurses do.


    The day will kick off with a warm up provided local company, Wild Training, who are kindly supporting the event.  With the runners decked out in their ‘doctors and nurses’ gear it is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face!


    Hannah Camden, Operations Director, Wild Training said” Wild Training are excited to be supporting the Scannappeal Scrub Run and are delighted to be able to bring our passion to the event and get everyone motivated through a fun a friendly warm up”.


    By taking part you will be supporting Scannappeal’s All Heart Appeal. This Appeal is raising funds to buy two latest generation 3D scanners to diagnose and evaluate heart disease.  Equipment purchased by Scannappeal is used every 10 minutes in the local hospitals by 1 in 4 residents of Buckinghamshire.

    Registration for the Scrub Run closes on Wednesday 17 May at midday. Adult entry is £10,       5 – 16 year olds £5, and under 5’s run free with every participant receiving an exclusive Scrub Run medal on completion. Early bird entry fees will be available until Monday 3 April 2017.

    For more information and to sign up for the Scrub Run go to:

  • Amersham News Views and Information News Feed: Over the Top! by the Journeymen Theatre – Amersham – Saturday 25th March

    Over the Top! by the Journeymen Theatre
    The latest event in our series ‘Why Conflict?’ is a forum
    theatre performance of ‘Over the Top!’ by the Journeymen
    Battle lines are drawn when a head teacher and parent
    clash over the role of the military in our schools.
    Over the Top! is a powerful drama focussing on the
    dilemmas created when two contrasting points of view
    about the role of the military in our schools clash, and
    come to a head-on confrontation.
    Kathy Wooton is a Quaker and highly passionate advocate
    for peace. Dr Roberts, head of her teenage son’s school,
    is a pragmatic man who can’t see the problem of the
    military being involved in school events, and feels that
    engaging with the army brings nothing but positive
    advantages for his (cash-strapped) Academy.
    Their telephone and face-to-face exchanges, plus their
    conversations and text messages with off-stage
    characters, illustrate the alarming, challenging and
    emotional issues involved. It is often darkly funny.
    As forum theatre, the entertaining 55 minute drama is
    intended to promote discussion and the exchange of ideas
    with, and between, the actors and audience. We invite
    parents, teachers, youth group leaders and 14+ teens to
    join us for a lively evening including tea and cake.
    Entry is FREE, but space is limited so prior booking via
    Eventbrite is recommended. Parking available.
    There will be a closing collection for Journeymen Theatre
    and charities supported by Why Conflict?

    date: Saturday 25th March 2017

    time: 7pm (doors open from 6:30 pm)

    venue: Amersham Quaker Meeting House, Whielden St, HP7 0JB

    cost: FREE (prior reservation via Eventbrite recommended



  • Amersham News Views and Information News Feed: Much Ado About Nothing. Open Air Theatre – 14th -17th & 21st-24th June

    Much Ado About Nothing.  Open Air theatre set in glorious parkland with the audience under cover

    date: 14th -17th & 21st-24th June

    time: 8pm. Additional Matinees on both Saturdays at 2pm

    venue: Hall Barn
    Windsor End
    Old Beaconsfield
    HP9 2SG

    cost: £17-£24



    tel: 01494573559

  • Amersham News Views and Information News Feed: Charity Concert for Help Refugees – Amersham – 8th April

    Charity Concert for Help Refugees

    Featuring music by Chopin, Bliss, Bartok and Stravinsky and more!

    Search Charity Concert for Help refugees on Eventbrite for tickets or more information. Alternatively e-mail

    date: Saturday 8th April

    time: 7.30pm

    venue: Amersham Free Church
    Woodside Road
    HP6 6AJ

    cost: £12/ £5



  • Chiltern District Council News Feed: March 2017
  • Amersham News Views and Information News Feed: Bucks Open Studios 10 – 25 June 2017

    Bucks Open Studios 2017

    date: 10-25 June 2017

    See for details


  • Amersham News Views and Information News Feed: “Percy Bysshe Shelley – A Humanist Out of Time” Presentation in Amersham 8th March 2017

    “Percy Bysshe Shelley – A Humanist Out of Time”
    John Webster

    Percy Bysshe Shelley
    A Humanist Out of Time
    John Webster

    John Webster, from the Oxford Humanists group, will give an audio-visual presentation on Shelley and the humanistic aspect of his thought.  A reprint of Shelley’s ground-breaking essay, The Necessity of Atheism, edited by Nicolas Walter, has recently been made available on Amazon by The Freethinker; it closely follows the original edition of 1811.

    John will point up some of the humanism-related issues arising from Shelley s work and show a DVD  Shelley s Golden Years in Italy , which includes songs (progressive folk) drawing on his lyrics, narration by Benjamin Zephaniah, who is a Shelley admirer, and images from Italy.  It is an innovative approach to the poet, putting him into a contemporary format, and this promises to be an inspirational evening.

    Bring your friends!

    date: 8th March 2017

    time: 19:45

    venue: Small Barn Hall, Chiltern Community Centre, Chiltern Avenue, Amersham HP6 5AH

    Free parking.

    cost: Free. All welcome


  • Amersham News Views and Information News Feed: The Hospice of St Francis Garden Party at Ashridge House – Sunday 11th July

    The Hospice of St Francis Garden Party at Ashridge House

    Set in the beautiful gardens of Ashridge House, The
    Hospice of St Francis Garden Party offers a perfect
    afternoon for all the family. The event is jam-packed
    with a large selection of quality stalls with a delicious
    choice of food including our popular cream teas, local
    craft beer, ice cream and Pimms.

    Children have plenty of activities and entertainments to
    keep them happy – circus skills, sumo fun, Punch and Judy
    shows, face painting, bouncy castles and much more!
    Last year the Garden Party attracted 4,000 people from
    across Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and beyond and
    raised nearly £40,000 to fund the Hospice’s free, expert
    care for people living with life-limiting illnesses
    Advance tickets will be on sale from April. £5 general
    admission tickets will be available from the Hospice’s
    main reception, our charity shops, Number Twenty and
    Returned to Glory. £7 on the gate. Children under 16 go

    date: Sunday 11th July 2017

    time: 1 – 5pm

    venue: Ashridge House
    Little Gaddesden

    cost: FREE – £7



    tel: 01442869555

  • Amersham News Views and Information News Feed: Bubble Rush Bucks – Sunday 9th July

    Bubble Rush Bucks

    Join The Hospice of St Francis on Sunday 9th July for our
    bubble-tastic, fun-filled 5k, complete with 4 different
    coloured bubble stations. Feel bubbles of excitement as
    you are soaked in safe frothy foam while running, walking
    or dancing through each station.
    It s guaranteed to be an incredi-bubble event for all the
    family, so get the whole family involved, or team up with
    friends, to support The Hospice of St Francis
    Register NOW at and have fun
    fundraising to help us offer care and support when it
    matters most to people living with, or affected by, life-
    limiting illness.

    date: 9th July 2017

    time: 12pm

    venue: Lowndes Park, Chesham.

    cost: Free – £25



    tel: 01442869555

  • Chiltern District Council News Feed: February 2017